TEMPLAR masque en métal

(Numéro de catalogue HVI110)

Metal face mask with airholes. Today, it has become a forced fashion to wear fabric face masks which fulfill their purpose only if we all wear them in these difficult times. If you would like to embellish your look and add a bit of a joke to it you can try this duralumin gadget.

  • Wear the mask over your paper or fabric face mask
  • It is not a medical equipment
  • Material: Aluminium/Duralumin

The survival time of the virus on various surfaces led us to the production of these masks, which we are pioneering on the market. Plastic and stainless steel turned out to be the materials with the longest survival rate of the virus while aluminium performed better, see this comparison.

  • The metal is easy to clean and disinfect
  • The survival time of the virus is relatively low on duralumin
  • Tt's cool :)
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