couteaux suisses

Couteaux suisses

Victorinox - Manufacture de couteaux suisses basée à Ibach, suisse. La société a été fondée en 1884.

Mikov - Manufacture traditionnelle tchèque.

10.11 $137.76 $
  • Knife Evo Mid Folder Gerber

    numéro de catalogue: TAN06
    Prix: $59.40
    Disponibilité: 3-4 semaines
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    Knife Evo Mid Folder Gerber. Blade length: 80 mm Handle length: 103 mm Total length: 183 mm Weight: 70 g About Gerber:  Established in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, USA, Gerber is an American focusing to give hunters, soldiers, survivalist and tradesmen the tool they need. All their products are…
  • Gerber set Prepare + Prevail Kit

    numéro de catalogue: TOR560
    Prix: $137.76
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    GET READY AND SURVIVE! This unique Gerber kit will surely be the perfect helper in your struggle for survival. The Gator Bolo machete , the Gerber Fire starter, and the Gator EAB hand saw with the stylish Airlift Black fastener create four tools to conquer almost every obstacle. You cut your way,…
  • KNIFE M16-12Z Folder CRKT

    numéro de catalogue: TOR531
    Prix: $91.00
    Disponibilité: 2-3 semaines
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    Established in 1994 CRKT® (Columbia River Knife and Tool®) from the beginning was putting innovation and reliability at first. Thanks to a collaboration with the best designers in the world they make knives and tools with inspire and endure the hardest work. Their goal is to make products that are…
  • Serrated Tanto Neck Knife Schrade

    numéro de catalogue: TOR329
    Prix: $45.50
    Prix avant réduction: $54.35
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Serrated Tanto Neck Knife Schrade.

    • Blade length: 70 mm
    • Handle length: 80 mm
    • Total length: 150 mm
    • Weight: 80 g
  • SCHF57 Fixed Blade, Schrade

    numéro de catalogue: TOR330
    Prix: $40.44
    Prix avant réduction: $46.76
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    SCHF57 Fixed Blade, Schrade

    • Blade length: 65 mm
    • Handle length: 95 mm
    • Total length: 160 mm
  • Throwing Knives Magnum Profi I Set

    numéro de catalogue: TOR331
    Prix: $75.83
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    With this robust and reliable throwing knife set even ambitious user will increase their accuracy. The full steel construction of 420 stainless steel is extremely well balanced. Type:     Throwing Knife Total Length:     26,0 cm Blade Length:     15,4 cm Weight:     196,0 g Blade Material:  …
  • KNIFE Antonini 12 Gauge Schwarz

    numéro de catalogue: TOR325
    Prix: $10.11
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    This Italian-made pocket knife has the original format of a 12 gauge shotgun shell, the slip-joint blade is stainless. Type:     Pocket Knife Total Length:     11,4 cm Blade Length:     4,7 cm Blade Thickness:     1,7 mm Weight:     32,0 g Lock:     Slipjoint Opener:     Nail Nick Assisted…
  • Magnum WOODCRAFT

    numéro de catalogue: TOR250
    Prix: $48.03
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Magnum WOODCRAFT knife by Böker, Germany. Overall length: 20.7 cm Blade: 8.3 cm Width of the blade: 3 cm Weight: 214 g Material of the blade: 440-A Material of the handle: wood
  • Magnum Sgian Dubh

    numéro de catalogue: TOR241
    Prix: $55.61
    Disponibilité: En stock
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     This is a modern interpretation of the classic Scottish stocking knife. Brand:     Magnum Blade Material:     440 Stainless Steel Blade Length (cm):     11.8 Blade Thickness (cm):     0.44 Overall Length (cm):     22.8 Handle Material:     Micarta Blade Type:     Plain Sheath:     Leather …
  • Magnum Caveman Damascus

    numéro de catalogue: TOR246
    Prix: $69.51
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Magnum Caveman Damascus knife.

    • Overall length: 19.4 cm
    • Blade: 8.2 cm
    • Width of the blade: 2.7 cm
    • Weight: 209 g
    • Material of the blade: Damascus steel
    • Material of the handle: wood
  • Couteau MIKOV 100-NH-3V

    numéro de catalogue: KNI179
    Prix: $20.22
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Couteau Mikov - couteau pliant classique. Acier inoxydable 420-55 HRC. La longueur totale de 90 mm, longueur de la lame: 70 mm. Largeur de la lame: 12 mm. Poids: 71 g.

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