couteaux suisses

Couteaux suisses

Victorinox - Manufacture de couteaux suisses basée à Ibach, suisse. La société a été fondée en 1884.

Mikov - Manufacture traditionnelle tchèque.

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  • SCHF57 Fixed Blade, Schrade

    numéro de catalogue: TOR330
    Prix: 32.00 €
    Prix avant réduction: 37.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    SCHF57 Fixed Blade, Schrade

    • Blade length: 65 mm
    • Handle length: 95 mm
    • Total length: 160 mm
  • Serrated Tanto Neck Knife Schrade

    numéro de catalogue: TOR329
    Prix: 36.00 €
    Prix avant réduction: 43.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Serrated Tanto Neck Knife Schrade.

    • Blade length: 70 mm
    • Handle length: 80 mm
    • Total length: 150 mm
    • Weight: 80 g
  • Throwing Knives Magnum Profi I Set

    numéro de catalogue: TOR331
    Prix: 60.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    With this robust and reliable throwing knife set even ambitious user will increase their accuracy. The full steel construction of 420 stainless steel is extremely well balanced. Type:     Throwing Knife Total Length:     26,0 cm Blade Length:     15,4 cm Weight:     196,0 g Blade Material:  …
  • KNIFE Antonini 12 Gauge Schwarz

    numéro de catalogue: TOR325
    Prix: 8.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    This Italian-made pocket knife has the original format of a 12 gauge shotgun shell, the slip-joint blade is stainless. Type:     Pocket Knife Total Length:     11,4 cm Blade Length:     4,7 cm Blade Thickness:     1,7 mm Weight:     32,0 g Lock:     Slipjoint Opener:     Nail Nick Assisted…
  • Magnum 30-06 Bullet Knife

    numéro de catalogue: TOR326
    Prix: 13.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    An interesting replica of a 30-06 bullet with a compact and functional blade. A great gift for the hunter or collector. Features a 440 stainless steel blade and brass coated shell. Type:     Pocket Knife Total Length:     12,1 cm Blade Length:     4,2 cm Blade Thickness:     1,6 mm Weight:  …
  • Magnum Urban King, Knife

    numéro de catalogue: KNI216
    Prix: 73.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    This massive and impressive knife will take on the greatest challenges and come out with colours flying. The massive 440 blade has a substantial thickness of 5 mm, right up to the end of the handle. The anti-slip G10 grips are secure in the hand for any task and in any weather. Incl. lanyard…
  • Magnum Premium Bowie couteau

    numéro de catalogue: KNI217
    Prix: 49.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    The satin finished blade is hollow ground for superior cutting performance, and the handle is made with a brass guard and pommel, stacked leather washers and ebony wood. Includes leather sheath. Type:     Fixed Blade Total Length:     28,0 cm Blade Length:     15,4 cm Blade Thickness:     3,3…
  • Magnum Channel knife

    numéro de catalogue: TOR262
    Prix: 38.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    A truly handsome pocket knife. The coated 440 stainless steel blade locks securely with the liner lock mechanism, and the scored steel bolsters add a stylish touch. The wooden scales provide character, and comfort in your hand. Includes pocket clip and lanyard hole. Type:     Pocket Knife …
  • Magnum Power Knight

    numéro de catalogue: TOR259
    Prix: 32.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Traditional dagger style blade with a one-sided edge ? a classic style for centuries. The blade is made of 440 stainless steel with a bead blast finish, and can be opened lightning-fast with the handy guards. G10 handles, liner locking mechanism. Includes pocket clip and lanyard hole. Type:   …
  • Rui K25 Energy Outdoor

    numéro de catalogue: TOR260
    Prix: 35.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    The K25 Energy Outdoor compels with its outstanding value for money. The 7Cr17MoV blade with a hardness of 56-58 HRC provides high edge-holding properties. The handle is made from light-weight aluminum and features an orange-colored plastic inlay that increases grip. The liner lock secures the…
  • Magnum Habicht knife

    numéro de catalogue: TOR261
    Prix: 33.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    This rugged work knife will stand up to any cutting chore. The handle is a combination of satin finished stainless steel and an elegant grained wood. The straight spearpoint blade is made of 440 stainless steel and is secured by a reliable liner lock. Includes pocket clip. Type:     Pocket…
  • Magnum WOODCRAFT

    numéro de catalogue: TOR250
    Prix: 38.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Magnum WOODCRAFT knife by Böker, Germany. Overall length: 20.7 cm Blade: 8.3 cm Width of the blade: 3 cm Weight: 214 g Material of the blade: 440-A Material of the handle: wood
  • Magnum Sgian Dubh

    numéro de catalogue: TOR241
    Prix: 44.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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     This is a modern interpretation of the classic Scottish stocking knife. Brand:     Magnum Blade Material:     440 Stainless Steel Blade Length (cm):     11.8 Blade Thickness (cm):     0.44 Overall Length (cm):     22.8 Handle Material:     Micarta Blade Type:     Plain Sheath:     Leather …
  • Böker Plus Piranha

    numéro de catalogue: TOR248
    Prix: 59.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Böker Plus Piranha - knife.

    • Overall length 15.5 cm
    • Blade: 7.5 cm
    • Thickness of the blade: 3.9 cm
    • Weight: 101 g
    • Material of the blade: 440-C
    • Material of the handle: G-10
  • Magnum Elk Hunter Special

    numéro de catalogue: TOR242
    Prix: 45.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    This special edition is based on one of our top sellers, the Elk Hunter model. However, this new version features ebony wood and durable rosewood as grip scales. The satin-finished 440A steel blade is thinly ground. This attractive knife also includes an elaborate leather sheath with pushbutton…
  • Magnum Starfighter

    numéro de catalogue: TOR243
    Prix: 27.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Futuristic appealing one-handed knife. The spring-assisted 440 stainless steel blade features a dagger-like sharpening (ground on one side) and is secured by a liner lock mechanism. The spindle-shaped handle provides secure grip and the shape reminds of historical swords, not least because of…
  • Magnum Ring-O

    numéro de catalogue: TOR244
    Prix: 42.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Due to its special construction of the blade bearing, this extravagant knife has a very individual appearance. The strong 440 stainless steel blade rotates around the extremely stable bearing and is securely locked by the liner lock mechanism. The excellent grip is guaranteed by the stainless…
  • Magnum Firefighter

    numéro de catalogue: TOR245
    Prix: 48.00 €
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Magnum Firefighter knife.

    • Overall length: 20.8 cm
    • Blade: 9 cm
    • Width of the blade: 3.3 cm
    • Weight: 249 g
    • Material of the blade: 440-A
    • Material of the handle: G-10
  • Magnum Caveman Damascus

    numéro de catalogue: TOR246
    Prix: 55.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Magnum Caveman Damascus knife.

    • Overall length: 19.4 cm
    • Blade: 8.2 cm
    • Width of the blade: 2.7 cm
    • Weight: 209 g
    • Material of the blade: Damascus steel
    • Material of the handle: wood
  • Böker Plus Strike Tanto

    numéro de catalogue: TOR247
    Prix: 53.00 €
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    Böker Plus Strike Tanto - knife.

    • Overall length: 20.1 cm
    • Blade: 8.5 cm
    • Width of the blade: 3 cm
    • Weight: 190 g
    • Material of the blade: AUS-8
    • Material of the handle: aluminium