řemeslné potřeby, vybavení

Řemeslné potřeby, vybavení

Řemeslné potřeby (nástroje) a vybavení pro dobové kutily.

1.26 $428.46 $
  • TORCHE 90 minutes

    numéro de catalogue: MTE33
    Prix: $8.85
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Torches crafted from traditional materials using a unique original technology, long lasting bright flame without an unpleasant smoke and smouldering, easy to handle. A great accompaniment to historical events such as markets and parades as well as social events, fire shows or outdoor gatherings. …
  • LUCET for cordmaking or braiding

    numéro de catalogue: DSP64
    Prix: $11.37
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    A lucet is a tool used in cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods. The lucet was used to create cords that were used on clothing, or to hang items from the belt. Size: 5 x 14 cm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh3l85F9LAE
  • Stitching Horse Bench

    numéro de catalogue: DSP49
    Prix: $428.46
    Disponibilité: 1-2 semaines
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    A fully functional Stitching Horse Bench. This bench will be delivered in a dismantled state.


  • HEMP ROPE, 8 mm, 1 m

    numéro de catalogue: CFT14
    Prix: $1.26
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Hand made rope. 8 mm in diameter.

  • 1 Meter of HEMP ROPE, 10 mm

    numéro de catalogue: CFT9
    Prix: $1.64
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    HEMP ROPE is universal accessory for many purposes of your re-enactment.
  • Wooden Carpenters Mallet

    numéro de catalogue: CFT02
    Prix: $29.07
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Wooden Carpenters Mallet from beech wood. Overall length 31 cm, 9.5 cm in a diameter.

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