candle horders, figures

Candle horders, figures

Candle horders, figures and statues.

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  • Pentagram Gothic Wiccan Tealight Holder

    numéro de catalogue: FAN21
    Prix: $41.90
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    Pentagram Wiccan Tealight Holder. This tealight holder – available through Nemesis Now's high-quality premium wholesale collection – is perfect for illuminating your home in more ways than one. Cast in the highest quality resin before being expertly hand-painted, a central pentagram symbol…
  • Draco Candela, candle-holder

    numéro de catalogue: fig135
    Prix: $44.17
    Prix avant réduction: $50.96
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    Draco Candela, candle-holder.

    • 18 cm
    • Import: Great Britain
  • Wiccan Pentagram, bougeoir

    numéro de catalogue: fig89
    Prix: $49.83
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    Wiccan Pentagram, bougeoir

  • DRAGON COLUMN, candlestick

    numéro de catalogue: DGS39
    Prix: $32.84
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    Beautifully hand crafted resin ornamental candle stick based on Anne Stokes dragon artwork "Dragon Beauty". 25cm approx. Material: resin. Imported from the UK.

  • Tree Spirit, Tealight Holder

    numéro de catalogue: CCF21
    Prix: $20.39
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    Tree Spirit - Tealight Holder. 12 cm. Material: resin.

  • HERNE, statue

    numéro de catalogue: CCF11
    Prix: $77.01
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    HERNE, statue. Size approx. 27.5 cm. Imported from the UK.

  • The TREEMAN, Triple Candle Holoder

    numéro de catalogue: CCF04
    Prix: $96.26
    Disponibilité: En stock
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    The TREEMAN, Triple Candle Holoder. Size circa 27 cm. Made of hardened resin.
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