OPA VALU POT 2.4 l with lid, Finland

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(Numéro de catalogue MRU200)

The coated VALU series made of cast aluminum is suitable for all types of stoves. The products in the series are light and spacious thanks to the production process. A strong bottom leads to even heating. The inner coating is a durable and non-stick 3-layer Eclipse coating that does not contain PFOA.

• The pot with lid is designed for all types of stoves up to 220 degrees.
• Wash the container before using it, you can also treat it with grease.
• Use grease or oil for baking or frying.
• Use wooden or plastic tools.
• The Val pot must not be washed in the dishwasher, only hand wash!
• Pot volume: 2.4 l
• Pot diameter: 20 cm
• Diameter of the bottom of the pot: 16 cm
• Weight: 1.1 kg

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