Finnish Kuksa Atom, mini / set of 2

Disponibilité: 2-3 semaines
(Numéro de catalogue BUS854)

Finnish kuksa is a traditional wooden mug of the Lapland Sami people. Each piece is original thanks to the handwork. You can enjoy hot and cold drinks from it and it requires minimal maintenance. Kuksa is particularly suitable for nature, e.g. when sipping morning coffee at sunrise or enjoying hot soup on a hike or while camping. Thanks to its unique insulating properties, it can also be used in the sauna. After all, it is also tested by the harsh Nordic nature, and if treated correctly, it will easily last you a lifetime.

Dimensions: W x D x H 11 x 9 x 4.5 cm
Material: 100% rubber tree wood / leather
Weight 0.11 kg
Content: 0.35 dl to edge
During production, kuksa is boiled in salt water

Kuksa is rinsed with cold water and acquires a natural patina with use. Do not use chemicals and do not wash in the dishwasher.

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