FORGED SWORD Ottokar II of Bohemia, battle ready replica

3-5 weeks
(Numéro de catalogue MSW115)

One Handed Medieval Sword with Riveted Pommel. This sword is blunt and constrtructed for historical fencing. The sword is inspired by a picture in Gulhausen kodex featuring King Otakar of Bohemia, also known as Premysl Ottokar II (13th century). Otakar was called The Iron and Golden King, as a warrior he used cavalry wearing iron armour; he earned the title Golden King thanks to silver mining. He was the Duke of Austria, Styria, Carniola and Carinthia.

  • Material 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel, leather
  • Total length of the sword cca 91 cm
  • Length of the blade cca 72 cm
  • Width of the guard cca 21 cm
  • Weight 1,5 kg
BOÎTE À ÉPÉES DÉCORÉE DE LUXE - en bois de chêne, éclairée
$751.73 numéro de catalogue: SWA77 3-4 semaines
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