Warhammer Citadel Tools Knife

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Every Warhammer hobbyist needs a hobby knife, so the Citadel Tools design team created one just for them. It features a fully sculpted hard plastic handle, and incorporates a number of clever features for safety and convenience:


– Fixed single slot blade barrel, ensuring perfect alignment

– Ribbed shroud behind the blade, allowing safer downward pressure and maximum precision

– Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue, and prevent rolling on your desk

– Back-weighted design, so it’s less likely to fall with the blade down

– Blade changing thread recessed into the handle so the blade doesn’t loosen during use

– Blade cap


The Citadel Tools Knife also comes with a pack of six replacement blades in a container.


The Citadel Tools Knife is only available through retail stores and trade stockists. Visit your local Warhammer store with our store finder.

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