HNEFATAFL - Viking Chess Óðins Hrafnar

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Tafl or Hneftafl is a Viking Board Game for two players.  Tafl simulates a viking raid. Four viking drakkars as attackers fight against the king and his  guard - defenders. 

  • Material: wood and zinc
  • Size: 24 x 24 cm
  • 37 stones from zinc
  • Designed by Katien, Bohemia

Hnefatafl is the name of a game frequently referred to in the Norse sagas. Vikings considered skill at hnefatafl to be a valuable attribute. It was carried by the Vikings to Iceland and the British Isles. It was the board game played by the Saxons.

Tafl games are possibly descended from the Roman game ludus latrunculorum. Halatafl dates from at least the 14th century and is still known and played in Europe.

Attackers - army by sea serpents. Ódin in our game represents the King and His defenders are Ravens.

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