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Custom Made English Bow from period materials, with the exeption of the bowstring, which is made from tried and tested artificial material. 

  • material ash wood
  • length 1,5 - 2,2 m (our standard bows are around 1,7-1,8 m long)
  • strength 15 - 30 kg (the standard strength is approx. 25 kg)
  • shooting range 70 - 140 m
  • impregnated with linseed oil

Note for EU customers: We are able to make a bow above 2m, however, anything above 1,7m will require a different carrier service which would increase the standard shipping price by 300-500 EUR, depending on the destination. Given that, we strongly advise to order smaller bows of max 1,6-1,7 height.

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