Aegishjálmur, anneau de Viking, argent

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Aegishjálmur - Helm of Awe Sterling Silver Viking Ring. Ægishjálmr - the Helm of Awe, or Helm of Terror, is an Icelandic magical stave, or rune. Ægishjálmr is referenced as one item Sigurd takes from the dragon Fafnir's hoard after he slays him in Völsunga saga. The name Aegishjalmur is derived from the God of the ocean of Jotunheim, Aegir.

The rune symbolizes protection and victory in battle. The Helm of Awe was also said to provide mental and spiritual protection as well as physical. The circle in the center is meant to symbolize the protection of those bearing the Helm of Awe.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Weight: depending on the ring size approx. 27 g

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