CELTIC TARANIS WHEEL PENDANT, oppdium Stradonice, tin

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Taranis one of the most powerful Celtic Gods, is associated with the forces such as the wind or lightning. In many Iron Age localities there were found bizzare pendants that resemble a wheel. We offer you replica of a Taranis wheel that was found in a locality of Stradonice Oppidum. Material: tin, galvanized: Size: 3.5 cm.

The original pendant has been found in area of a Celtic settlement - Oppidum of Stradonice (SW of Prague). One of the largest Celtic cities in an area of Central Europe with approx. 90 ha. In 1877 a treasure of 200 golden coins was found here. Since this time this locality has been explored and many unique finds were discovered (thousands of items). It was rich oppidum and a centre of craftsmen.

This product (wax model, casting form) is a product and property of Wulflund and direct copying is prohibited.

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